Bella Leigh, founded by Tracey Shindler, is a premier personal jewelry shopping service.

How The Sparkle Was Created.

Tracey Shindler, a former South African, moved to Los Angeles over 30 years ago. After growing up watching her family thrive in the fashion business (for three generations) and being introduced to International designers, she knew she wanted to explore her marketing and creative side.

TraceyA referral into the fine jewelry industry started her juices flowing. She represented jewelry designers from all over the world, and sold to some of the finest stores across the country, building lasting relationships. In addition, she sold and exhibited at some of the most prestigious trade shows in the industry, visited manufacturing facilities in Italy, trained, marketed, and put together shop-and-shops in top stores. She did it all!
Tracey always wanted more, and decided to get her interior design license, while creating a niche on her own, in the jewelry business, thus 20+ years later, Bella Leigh was born.
The company was inspired by her insurmountable resources, interest in fashion, and love for jewelry. She started hand picking each and every piece that she bought, and curating stylish, eclectic, pieces for individual tastes, and building a clientele, through word of mouth.
It does not matter whether you are wearing blue jeans, or walking the red carpet, Tracey loves putting together styles that will complement a woman’s femininity. She believes that true luxury is effortless, a less is more approach, and creating a sophisticated look is more sexy, and stylish when worn.