Custom Jewelry Designs

Bella Leigh will help design the jewelry of your dreams from start to finish.

Bella Leigh can design custom engagement rings, wedding rings, and other jewelry of your choice, as a service to our customers. We collaborate with an amazing jeweler, who has had over 25 years’ experience, as a custom bench guy, making elaborate and impeccable jewelry from scratch, for some of the finest stores around the country.

  • It’s a step by step process which our clients are involved with, so that the end result, is a stunning piece of jewelry that our client loves.
  • Depending on the size and customization of the job, the client will be meeting for fittings, and approvals throughout the process and design.
  • As an additional service for our VIP clientele, Bella Leigh can help take a client’s old jewelry, re-design it, making it up to date.
  • We can then give our client a credit, for their original gold or platinum, and put that credit towards their new purchase.
  • Alternatively, Bella Leigh can use the clients existing gold or platinum, from their original jewelry, to help make their new design.
  • Sometimes the jeweler does not need to add more gold or platinum, which can keep the cost down.
  • The size of the job will depend on how long this process takes to completion.

We try and keep the sentimental value in a family.

We invite you to browse our online private jewelry showroom for ideas.

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