The Story

I have always loved the sunshine and outdoors, which made the decision to move from my native South Africa to Los Angeles pretty easy. I was rooted there from a highly successful entrepreneurial family, where my desire to succeed came from three generations working in the fashion industry, encompassing shoes, handbags, and clothing.

In addition to being a wife and mother to two great kids in LA, I managed to acquire 28 years of luxury jewelry sales where my experiences and travel shaped my career, having represented and branded top international designers around the globe.

My passion for staying one step ahead of fashion trends influenced the conception and launch of my concierge fine jewelry company Bella Leigh. I love to introduce my clients to the next must-have pieces and have them be the first to wear the luxury items we sell.

Through referrals and continued relationships, both in my industry and with clients, Bella Leigh has added bridal and bespoke custom designs to our services.
For me, the quality of clients is key, where service and the highest level of craftsmanship always works well in my favor, as well as the client.

They say it’s who you know in life, but my ethos of hard work and integrity is the best reward.